Located in Buffalo, NY. DTW Chop Steakshop opened up April 5, 2021. DTW Chop Steakshop quickly became the city’s favorite steak shop. It served a need that was missing in our city for years. Sure we have other steak shops that our good. However nobody stays open until 3am on the weekends but us. Nobody is serving steak and lobster steak hoagies. No other restaurant is packing they hoagies filled with meat like ours. If you don’t believe me try one out for yourself. We have repeat customers as far as Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX who comes to town just to try our subs. Come get a juicy, seasoned, saucy, and meaty sub today that’ll be sure to keep you filled for hours.

Don’t know what put on a steak sub?  How about some onions, mushrooms, banana peppers, mayo and DTW Chop Steak special sauce. 

Who Sell Steak Fries Near Me

Who got a taste for Steak and Cheese Fries?  Chopped Steak with American cheese with toppings such as chop onions, mushrooms, and banana peppers over fries dripping in sauce. DTW Chop Steak is the best that sells steak fries.  Google steak fries near me if you are in Atlanta or Buffalo, NY.  Steak fries are the perfect fast food meal that you can’t get just anywhere.  Looking for a new steak spot to try in midtown Atlanta.  They got the best steak sandwiches in Atlanta at DTW Chop Steak ATL