Located in Buffalo, NY. DTW Chop Steakshop opened up April 5, 2021. DTW Chop Steakshop quickly became the city’s favorite steak shop. It served a need that was missing in our city for years. Recently in January 15, 2023 we decided to take a few months off and rebrand and redo our steakshop. We decided it was better for us and our customers to take our steakshop to the next level and served only 100% certified halal meat. Sure we have other steak shops that our good. However nobody stays open late night on the weekends but us. No other restaurant is packing they hoagies filled with meat like ours. And we are the only Black Owned Muslim Steakshop in Buffalo NY and surrounding areas that serves Halal Food. If you don’t believe me try one out for yourself. We have repeat customers as far as Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX who comes to town just to try our subs. Come get a juicy, seasoned, saucy, and meaty sub today that’ll be sure to keep you filled for hours. Who is serving ounces of halal meat on a toasted bun with secret sauce like none other.

Don’t know what put on a steak sub?  How about some onions, mushrooms, banana peppers, mayo and DTW Chop Steak special sauce. 

Are you driving and looking for DTW Chop Steakshop?

Don’t worry our outside is completely different. We use better products now and kept the same food sauce. Were still located at 1179 Broadway. Take a look in the inside and see how much better it look and say hello to your favorite cooks and cashiers.

Hey Buffalo: We are currently serving 100% certified Halal Food .

Halal food in Buffalo, NY just got even better with our seasoning and secret sauce. Our subs is more than enough to keep you filled and coming back for more. Currently we are serving 7oz of meat on a 8in roll and 10oz of meat on a 12in roll. This is where you need to come when you looking for halal food neat you that is open now. Were less than 10 min from downtown buffalo and were open from 11am-12:30am Monday-Saturday.

$2 Tuesday’s???????

All Day Long on Tuesdays we sell our favorite egg rolls for $2.

Your choice from Steak & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, and Cheeseburger. **Sauce is not included in the $2 price it is available for $1 or $1.50 for a more dippable size. ***All egg rolls contain 100% Halal Meat, onions, mushrooms, and peppers, & American Cheese.